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Kunoichi (くノイチ Kunoichi?) is a mysterious girl who is in search to find the legendary bikini armor. In addition she also collects various other bikinis.


Kunoichi is a beautiful girl with a rather short and petite build. She has defined muscles and medium-sized breasts. She has pink hair with two large twin-pony tails on the side of her head braided by shuriken-shaped ornaments along with having a small ahoge on her head.

Kunoichi wears a white bikini with the kanji for Ninja ( (しのび) Shinobi?) inscribed on the left pad.


Abilities and Powers


  • Ninja Art - Koi Shigure Technique ( (にん) (ぽう) (こい) 時雨 (しぐれ) (じゅつ) Ninpō - Koi Shigure no Jutsu?):